Sand Animation/Sand Story

Art and the display of artistic ability has always mesmerized audiences since time immemorial.

To Fritz there is nothing as satisfying as the ability to create / co create show performances for varied clients and events. Below are some of those shows, each and everyone is customizable and scalable. More below.

Sand Animation/Sand Story

Extreme artistic skill and dexterity is displayed as a story is told by quickly shaping loose sand using only his hands on top of a lightboard. Using his fingers Fritz can create compelling imagery reminiscent of classical charcoal and pencil artworks.

There are two approaches to this performance. The first is Sand animation in which images of a theme blend and morph into each other. An example of this could be images of endangered animals morphing one into the next, for a Toronto Zoo special event.

Two is Sand Story. Here images chained in sequence to tell a specific story. The story is developed for the client's event and theme. Recently, Fritz had the great opportunity to perform in the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the KSA entrepreneur of the year 2014 and Samsungs launch the new S5 in the Kingdom for The Headline agency of KSA and Talents and Productions of Monaco.