Airbrush Tattoos

Everyone loves tattoos nowadays! Now everyone can experience what having a realistic tattoo looks like without the commitment or pain associated with the real thing, all in a matter of seconds.

Fritz's airbrush tattoos are a great addition to any events entertainment offering. They are guaranteed to be a hit as cool designs are applied in seconds, dry in seconds and last a long time while being easily removable. Airbrush tattoos are ideal for all types of events and promotions. They have been an absolute hit at promotions and launches of movies and products, Branded events, alcohol brand promotions, themed events, sporting events, bars and nightclubs, etc, etc.

Here are some key advantages of Fritz’s system:

Speed- this system’s fast application and instant drying allows a single artist to do three times as many people as existing airbrush tattoo systems. Compared to a traditional face painter, one single artist can do 20 times more people easily.

Quality- Fritz’s tattoo stencils are hand cut allowing for a level of finesse that cutters cant yet replicate. These designs can be done in black and gray or in color and much more realistic than other system out there.

Branding and customization- Custom tattoo stencils can be created of almost any logo or brand design or theme. These branded tattoos and logos can be applied on their own, or incorporated into a greater tattoo design for a fun and cool way of branding event staff and patrons. Examples of a recent multicity Canadian tour for Bacardi Canada with the talented agency The Community.