Fritz was born in Colombia, South America and has made Canada his home since 1987. His professional career started in the year 2000, but has been an artist from day one. He is proficient in many artistic genres including drawing, painting and sculpture, but his main specialty and focus lie in the world of body art.

Starting in the year 2000, Fritz has developed an iconic and recognizable style of body painting which is seen high end events with body painted human statues, body painted performers, staff members or on guests.

The diverse nature of his work, plus the ability to create and produce artistic performances for small and big shows alike, have provided Fritz the opportunity to perform across Canada and around the world for big clients in the corporate world. Some performances of mention include the Olympic torch relay in 2010 in which he created close to 200 original paintings as headline artist for RBC’s sponsor show. This gives Fritz a unique artistic stat. No other artist, Canadian or otherwise, has original paintings exhibited in places of cultural significance, in as many cities Canada wide. Other recent performances include a 20 show run with Cirque du Soleil doing live speed paintings on a led light canvas, in which a series were created based on the many characters of the shows. Fritz also had the honor to perform for the launch of the Samsung S5 launch and the KSA entrepreneur of 2014 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Fritz’s portfolio is extensive and examples of his work can be seen in print, tv shows, commercials, movies as well as in live, high end events and exclusive nightclubs. He lives, dreams and creates in Toronto.